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Drop Access is a women-led and youth-led organization that provides clean energy solutions to rural communities to promote climate resilience, economic advancement, equitable access to basic amenities, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Drop access understands that financial ability of farmers vary and offers a flexible installment plan that is tailored to each individual farmer. Data has been collected from farmers which has guided the choice of a flexible payment plan factors in the ability of the farmer.
Yes! The project is primarily targeting farmer groups seeking to work towards access to clean water, and champion climate smart agriculture. There is always strength in numbers and by supporting farmer groups drop access maximizes the impact scope.
Yes! VacciBox is specifically designed for deployment in remote areas or regions with limited infrastructure. Its solar-powered functionality eliminates the need for a reliable electricity grid, allowing healthcare providers to store vaccines even in off-grid locations. The extended battery storage ensures that vaccines remain within the recommended temperature range, even when there is no access to power for an extended period.
Yes! While VacciBox is primarily designed for storing vaccines, it can also be used for other temperature-sensitive medical supplies such as certain medications, serums, or diagnostic reagents that require a similar temperature range for storage.
Yes! VacciBox includes security features such as lockable hasps to ensure the integrity and safety of the vaccines stored inside. Additionally, the IoT enabled functionality offers security measures such as the door status which reports if the door is closed or open. This prevents unauthorized access.
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Better Research, Better Design, Better Results
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